Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I can't believe it's been about two and a half weeks since Grayson arrived! It's really strange how two and a half weeks can fly by so quickly but his actual birth and labor seem like years ago. They aren't kidding when they say that you forget the pains of labor and pregnancy once you have your little baby. Now, this doesn't mean I've forgotten about the pains of labor- it's just not something you think about at all once you have your baby sleeping in your arms.

As for Grayson- he is doing great! We've started using the cloth diapers (gDiapers) we bought and so far so good! They say to start using them at 8lbs and since Grayson was weighing in at 7lb 14oz at his Dr.'s appointment last Wednesday, we figured he's about the right size now to start. There is definitely room for him to grow into but even so we haven't had a single problem with leaks- let's hope I didn't just jinx the diapers because we've finally just about run out of all our newborn diapers. Here he is getting some tummy time and showing off his cute gDiaper butt!
We've been going on lots of walks and Grayson is a big fan. He lets us know how much he loves our walks by falling asleep within 5 minutes, haha. I guess you can't expect much more from a two week old! The walks have been a nice way to get Grayson some fresh air and help get mom back in shape. I had to laugh at how out of breath I was after going up a tiny hill on one of our first walks! Here is Grayson calmly putting up with us putting him in clothes that are still far too big! It takes a bit to get used to being able to tell what they will fit into- it's all so small. This picture really cracks me up- his face just says 'um, guys? This is a little big'
And while we're on the topic of clothes- Grayson has officially outgrown his first outfits! I find this simply shocking... when we brought him home his feet didn't hit the end of these onsies and now I have to stretch the fabric to get the buttons to snap! He's a growing boy, that's for sure. When we were at his last Dr.'s appointment she showed us where Grayson landed on the height and weight chart- his birth weight of 8lbs 1 oz put him between the 55th and 60th percentile while his length of 21 inches put him in the 97th percentile for height! He was in the 95th percentile for the circumference of his head. So, according to the charts he would be 6'2'' to 6'3'' once he's done growing. I know you can't put too much faith into these charts- they said my sister who was also 21 inches when she was born would be crazy tall for a girl but we're the same height, a nice 5'7''- but I still think it's crazy to look at him now and think about how tall he might be someday.

Other than eating, sleeping, pooping and going on walks Grayson hasn't been up to too much else. Yesterday I put him under his Farm Animal Play Gym for the first time and he was completely content for almost an entire hour! So, that's what we're currently doing at the moment as well- I'm on the floor next to him typing this post and he is staring at the pig.

Here he was yesterday.... yes, still in his pj's- I love these sleeping gowns. They make diaper changing in the middle of the night easier and I just think they are cute!
Here is Riley checking him out.
This next picture just makes me laugh. We already look alike when we sleep :)

So, that's all for now. Today I'm hoping to master the Moby wrap ( so we can take a quick trip to the grocery store and he can help me fold some laundry. Lucky guy- doing chores already!

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