Monday, March 1, 2010

Grayson's Second Homecoming

Grayson had his second homecoming this morning after a two night stay in the hospital. At our doctors appointment on Friday Dr. Aerola was a little concerned that Grayson's color hadn't improved since she saw him on Wednesday in the hospital. After some blood work Friday afternoon and Saturday morning the on-call Dr. from our pediatric group decided Grayson should spend some time under the billi lights (aka the tanning bed) at the hospital. It was pretty tough to take our little guy back and leave him at the hospital but it was pretty apparent once they put him under the lights that he was nice and warm and happy as a little clam! So, for the past two days we've been going back and forth to the hospital every three hours for feedings. I pumped and left some milk with the nurses in the nursery so we could take a break at the 3am feedings. This morning Grayson's blood work returned with great results so we were able to bring him home at 9am! One nice thing that did come out of Grayson's little stay in the nursery is that he is much better at sleeping in a bassinet now! We were having a tough time getting him to sleep anywhere but in our arms which, of course, was fine with us but it was getting a little tiring. So while we'll still have lots of late nights and 2am feedings at least we'll be able to sleep in the bed rather than one of us in the recliner holding him.

Catchin' some zzz's in his tanning bed.

So, that's all for now. We're happy happy happy now that Grayson is home and are planning to show him the beach for the first time this afternoon! It's been a while since the dogs have gotten much attention so we're planning (all depending on Mr. Grayson's mood) to take a little trip down to beach to let them run around.

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