Friday, February 12, 2010

Final Nursery Pictures!

I've finally organized all of Grayson's new stuff and have some final pictures of his room. It doesn't look too different from previous pictures but there are a few additions. At least I know, every time I walk past his room, that it's all organized and ready. I've also, finally, packed our bags! We are officially good to go whenever he decides to make his appearance.

Here is the view from the door.

The closet. Originally, we planned to use the top of the black dresser as the changing table but we've had to rethink that since the only place to hang his clothes is right above.... I don't have much experience changing babies, especially boys, but I know enough to realize that changing a baby underneath his clean clothes might not be the best idea! The changing pad is there for now but I'm sure it will end up moving to wherever we change him most often- if we really even need it.

Some of his new friends hanging out on the shelf.... far, far away from the dogs.

So there it is, hope you like it! I've definitely had a fun time getting it ready and now all we need is our baby!

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