Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grayson's Baby Shower and New Toys

On Saturday January 30th two of my closest friends, Cynthia and Gina (both of whom were bridesmaids) threw me a baby shower at Casanova's Restaurant in Carmel. It was a GREAT time and Grayson is a very, very lucky boy to have so many wonderful people in his life. Here are some pictures from the day...

One of the shower games 'Guess the Baby'. There were some very cute babies!

The tables

Cynthia and me

Gina and me

Caroline and me

Emily, Cynthia, Gina, Sarah and Amanda

Grayson's new friends from the shower

Matt's block tower. I wonder who will have more fun with these, Matt or Grayson?

Grayson's swing- a Christmas gift from my mom. We copied Beth and Farris and got the 'My Little Lamb Swing'- it's just too cute.
Another Christmas gift from my mom- the Pack'n'Play! It's probably going to live at my mom's.

Farm Animal Activity Gym

And finally.... 37 weeks!

Needless to say, after getting so many fabulous gifts at the shower Grayson's room is a bit of a mess. It's going to take a pretty good re-organization effort to get things back in order and once they are I'll post some more pictures of his room. His room is definitely taking on more of a personality with all the stuffed animals, books and decorations he's been getting. Now all we need is a baby in the crib and we'll be set!

We are going to the Dr. once a week now and everything is still going very well. Now that I'm in my 38th week the baby is considered full term and could come any day without complications. I still can't get myself to pack our hospital bags quite yet though. While I really rather him not come late it would be fun to have a birthday baby! My mom's due date with me was actually Feb. 25th (the same as Grayson) but I wasn't born until March 1. So, Grayson very well may decide to make a fashionably late arrival and be just like mom and dad with birthdays on a 1st of the month.

That's all for now. I'll be back again soon with some pictures of his room and who knows what else. We aren't doing anything too exciting in the coming weeks except trying not to go nuts waiting for Grayson to come!

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