Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Update: Grayson's Room... and, of course, some more clothes!

Here are a few pictures of the progress we've made getting Grayson's room ready.

Here is the view from the doorway.
Bookshelf. Some white shelves will be arriving this week that we're going to put up on the wall above the bookcase.
The sign will be hung soon!
Lucky Grayson will get his diapers changed in the closet! We had an old bookcase that didn't look nice in the room but fit perfectly in the closet. Conveniently, the changing pad fits quite nicely! We took down the big sliding mirrored closet doors and put up a curtain. I never liked those doors in the first place so it was nice to have an excuse to take them down!

I found these adorable prints on They say 'I Love My Mom' (elephant) and 'I Love My Dad' (giraffe) in French. I'm still looking for some distressed wooden, 'shabby chic' frames. I'm going to hang them on the wall to the right of the closet (see above picture).

For all of you out there who seem to thing we're insane for using cloth diapers, here is a better explanation of the system we're using. They're called 'gDiapers' and they are great (or at least everything I've read tells me they are!). Here is a picture of a put together gDiaper with the cloth insert.
Here is a de-constructed version of the diaper. The platic liner (top) snaps into the gPant (orange and cream- they come in some other VERY cute designs). You then put the insert, either disposable (left of the gPants) or cloth (right of the gPants) in the plastic liner and boom- you have a diaper! We've found this to be the most cost effective and sustainable alternative to disposable diapers. It's a nice 'hybrid' diaper that's a perfect medium to traditional cloth diapers with pins and disposables. We're excited to start using them! And honestly, they all have a little 'g' on the butt- how perfect is that!
Of course I'm going to update you on the newest additions to Grayson's wardrobe! As you can tell, he'll feel no pressure at all to go to Vandy... yeah right! I can't wait to dress him up in those little seersucker overalls!
We certainly won't lose track of Grayson in this sweater!
Last, but certainly not least, my new favorite outfit for Grayson! It's his new Norwegian outfit for his playdates with Torun (in case you don't know, she is from Norway). My mom picked this up for him during her travels. Now we just need to find Matt a matching sweater!!

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