Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Sunny December Day!

Over the past few days it seems like every time we turn on the TV all we hear about is the heavy snow hitting the East coast. Well, we seem to be making up for the lack of sunshine on the East coast over here! We've had our fair share of rain over the past two months and are waiting to see how the El Nino winter will treat us but for now we're just going to enjoy the sunshine! Of course, as I write this, the sun has started to disapear behind the clouds but at close to 70 degrees we have no reason to complain!

If dogs could tan, we would have the tannest dogs on the block!

Our spinach and broccoli, soaking up the winter sun. Our climate (cold, sometimes frosty at night, but sunny during the day) is perfect for these two crops. Our olive tree is in a pot behind the planters- olive trees produce fruit every other year and this is our trees dormant year.

Another reason I love California, our year round lemon tree! When we were living in San Diego we also had a year round orange tree.

Even though it doesn't look too Christmas-y outside, it smells like it inside! I love making my favorite Spice Nut Toffee this time of year. I make the batches two pounds at a time and it makes a nice, easy gift that lasts a long time.

Waiting for the chocolate chips to melt...mmmmmmm

Spreading the melted chocolate. You get a nice chocolate-y spoon to clean at the end!
It takes a while to harden, but it's worth the wait!

Once the sun goes down I'm going to take some pictures of the Christmas lights on the house. We've accumulated quite a collection of lights over the years and Matt decided to use all of them this year. We are definitely the brightest house on the block!

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