Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Results Are IN!!!!

For those of us who thought it was going to be a girl, we were..... WRONG!!!!

We're having a beautiful, healthy little BOY! Of course, we are first and foremost over the moon to learn everything is going so well and our little boy is healthy. He is measuring 20 weeks 2 days, a few days ahead of his due date but certainly not significant enough to change the date so we still 'due' February 25th 2010. Since our appointment was so early this morning our little guy was still all curled up and sleepy so our doctor didn't have a hard time getting the measurements and looks he needed. He did start to wake up and run in place for a bit though... maybe a future track star?

As for names, we have one that's at the top of the list but we'll let you know once we've decided for certain. We are, however, 99.99% sure that the middle name will be Matthew if that helps satisfy a tiny bit of curiosity!

We have a few pictures from the ultrasound and I'll post those a little later this afternoon.

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