Tuesday, October 20, 2009

22.5 Weeks!

It's starting to seem like time is flying by! I can see how they call this stage of pregnancy 'the honeymoon' stage because, quite often, I feel so good I forget I'm pregnant. That is, until I look in the mirror or look down and my feet aren't there! Here is another belly shot- our baby is definitely getting bigger and kicking quite a bit.
He seems to by a little shy as every time he starts kicking and Matt puts his hand on my stomach to feel, he stops! Matt has felt a few good kicks though, and even seen some from across the room. It's pretty crazy to actually see the baby kick from the outside!

The stroller and car seat we ordered have arrived! I can honestly say that I never, ever thought I would be so excited to get a stroller and a car seat but it makes this all seem so much more real. In a few months we'll have a baby in there! We decided to go with the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio car seat and a BOB stroller. The stroller has an addition that allows us to snap the car seat onto the stroller.

Here are some of the first baby clothes!
my FAVORITE (so far!)

I went a little crazy at the bookstore. Never too early to start reading though, right?!?

We've started getting some of the basic necessities for the baby- I bought our first big box of wipes and some other kind of boring but essential stuff.

BUTT PASTE! I've always wanted to buy this just because of the funny name and now I finally have an excuse!

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