Monday, July 12, 2010

It's been a while....

Quite a bit has gone on since our last update over a month ago. The highlights include Grayson's first plane ride, a chest x-ray, learning to bounce and a TOOTH!

We spent a week out in Oklahoma in June and had a great time. We had a wonderful time introducing Grayson to family and we know he had a fabulous time too :)

Grayson with his Great Grandpa!

Grayson with Grandpa and his Great Grandma!

Grayson and Vivienne! He looks HUGE!

Can't forget a picture of his dollar bill on the wall at Edna's! He's G-Racer- don't ask how I came up with 'Racer' as a nickname because I have no idea!

After Oklahoma we stopped in Denver for a few days to see Beth, Farris and Cooper.

We went to the Zoo

After the Zoo the guys (aka Grayson and Cooper) hung out in the rain forest

Cooper let Grayson borrow his car

Grayson played some frisbee golf with dad and Farris

Beth got some amazing belly laughs out of G!

We've also spent a lot of time at Sarah's sunny pool!

Like I mentioned above, Grayson had to have a chest x-ray for a cough that he's had for a couple of months now. The Dr. ordered an x-ray just to double check to make sure all was well with his lungs. The x-ray showed his lungs to be in perfect shape! Once those results were back our Dr. diagnosed Grayson with reflux and put him on Zantac. I'd thought for a few weeks that maybe he had a little reflux- he always slept better propped up, he got the hiccups a lot and would arch his back now and then while eating. Well, it turns out that his cough was another sign of reflux. He seems to have built up a little tolerance to the Zantac (which is very, very common) so that's something we will bring up with the Dr. at his 4 month (closer to 5 month!) well check up on Wednesday. The appointments are always exciting because we get to see how much he's grown, but tough when the Dr. brings out the needles :/

Another big announcement- Grayson has his first TOOTH! It's the left of his two bottom middle teeth. It was a pretty rough day when it cut through but at least he still slept at night! I'm pretty sure his other middle bottom tooth is about to cut through since he has been rather cranky and wakeful at night. I can't believe he is getting teeth!

We haven't started Grayson on solids yet but we'll be talking about that with his Dr. at his next appointment. Honestly, I can't wait! His first food is going to be an avocado, yum!

That's about it these days. We have been busy with the move to Davis and plan to take another trip up there with some more stuff soon. It's certainly nice to be able to make the move slowly rather than all at once. We are having a fine time getting to know our new little town! We've also had a great response in regards to renting our house. It was listed yesterday and we already have three people coming over to look today!

I'm off to go play with Grayson- it seems like he has more energy and personality ever day. He's out little charmer!

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