Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Morning

I love sitting around in the morning and watching Grayson make new little discoveries. The other day he found his hands and couldn't stop looking at them. He had this look on his face that said 'Are these really mine? Why didn't anyone tell me I had these things?'. He's always been pretty good at finding his thumb- he had it in his mouth within an hour of being born- but now he is figuring out that he can soothe himself by sucking on it when he's upset or tired. He's fallen asleep sucking his thumb the past two nights, which, I've got to say is a welcome relief- no more putting the pacifier back in over and over! He loves to suck on something but was really bad at keeping the pacifier in which leads me to believe he just didn't like it.
He's started kicking both of his legs at the same time when he is under his farm animals, which apparently is a little developmental milestone. He is coo'ing and oooh'ing a LOT! I think we'll have a little talker on our hands when he gets a bit older. Even the pediatrician commented on how much he was 'talking'. Apparently he has a lot to say! He is smiling and giggling up a storm which just makes our day every time we see it! Sometimes he's not sure if he wants to fuss, cry or smile... he'll let out a little yell them break into a smile and laugh.

Here are a few pictures from the past few days...

We had some friends over for a post-marathon party. Here is Grayson with Jamie!

Funny picture with Dad.

Trying on Dad's shades

Here are some pictures of Grayson playing with his farm animals this morning.

Kicking away!

Bacon... yes, we named his pig Bacon.

Pooped out after all his playing!

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