Saturday, April 3, 2010

Grayson's First Date

Grayson had his first 'date' with Lily this afternoon. Lily is my friend Jill's little girl- she was born about two weeks before Grayson. Jill is my good friend Jamie's sister and Jamie got both Grayson and Lily cute little bear outfits from Old Navy. It's the same bear suit we put Grayson in when he was about a week old and he was SO tiny in it- I'll put the photo of him at one week and the one taken today so you can see how much he has grown- he's a little weed!!!!

Grayson wasn't so happy about getting in his bear suit

But Lily loved her bear suit... just smiling away.

They both love the ceiling beams... they'll get along great!

Eventually he got a bit happier

His stare just says 'Mom, Dad- what's going on? Why is there a pink bear next to me?'

Checking out Lily


Finally, I'll leave you with one more picture...

No, that's not Grayson dressed up in pink- it's me when I was one month old. I think he's starting to look more and more like Matt each day, but he definitely got something from me!

Wait, another picture.... Here is Grayson in his bear suit for the first time at about a week old-

His hands would have made it out of the sleeves if he weren't freaking out and pulling his arms in towards his chest. His feet hit the end of the suit too!! Our boy is getting big!!!

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