Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Baby's First Picture and a few more

Here are two pictures we were given at our first ultrasound at 7 weeks. It doesn't look like much more than a kidney bean here but it's absolutely amazing to know how much our baby has grown over the past ~9 weeks. At this point our baby is the size of a naval orange. The baby bump has definitely started to make an appearance!

Since I'm finding myself incredibly impatient when it comes to finding out the gender of our baby I convinced (well, I can't really say 'convinced') Matt that we should buy a test called Intelligender which supposedly has an 85% accuracy rate in predicting the gender of your baby after 10 weeks. Of course I had to get not one, but two. I'm not sure how I justified this but nevertheless at about week 11 two Intelligender tests arrived on our doorstep. Here are the results...

Yep... one girl, one boy. There better not be TWO in there! Just kidding. Now, I have read that you are more likely to get a incorrect boy result than girl, but who knows. So much for Intelligender- you can just go ahead and write S-U-C-K-E-R on my forehead!!! I guess I deserved that 'I told ya so' from Matt!

As for the 'mothers intuition' that people talk about, I have no idea where mine is!! For about the first month I had a very strong feeling we were going to have a little girl but that may have been more due to the fact that we had a much easier time choosing a girls name than a boys. My mom seems to have 'grandmothers intuition' and is set on the idea that we're going to have a boy. Either way we'll be happy happy happy!

Will there be a little girl for Vivi to dress up or a fellow 49er's fan for Cooper to get muddy with? 4.5 more weeks until we know!

We have our third doctors appointment next Thursday the 10th of September during which we will schedule our 'big' ultrasound where we will get to see little Horton and find out if Horton's a boy or girl!!!
***Side Note- if you just asked yourself 'who in the world is Horton?!?!' you're not the only one. While in Denver meeting Cooper and visiting with Farris, Beth, Jeremy and Bruce, Jeremy decided to 'choose' our baby name by flipping through Beth's baby name book. Whichever name he landed on would be our baby name. Well, it was Horton. Don't worry, the name won't stick but we started feeling a little bad referring to our baby as 'it' so Horton it is! For now anyway...***
The ultrasound will most likely be scheduled for around the 8th of October at the end of my 20th week. I may have to try and see if they can schedule me a week earlier ;)

While time seems to creep by some days we can't believe we're already into our Second Trimester, the 'Honeymoon Trimester' when morning sickness and fatigue supposedly fade... well, I'm still waiting for that! My 'morning sickness' which is more like 'late afternoon/nightime sickness' is slowly tapering off but still sneaks up to get me and if sleeping were a sport, I'd have gone pro about two and a half months ago! But I certainly can't complain. Our little baby steals our breath every time we hear that little heartbeat and now that I've felt that first little 'hey mom!' flutter all the morning sickness and fatigue is just a reminder of our little miracle that will make his or her appearance in about five and a half months!!

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